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The Team

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Freaking Rad Photographer
  Southern California
Loretta is a lovely lady who takes photos and likes to dance and be awesome. She has a cat named mogli and a husband named Zach. A recent newlywed herself she loves a good wedding and dance party

Your Superhero Name: Wolf Woman Warrior Princess

Fast or Slow Zombies?: Obviously slow zombies

OJ pulp or no?: I like pulp.

Favorite Kind of Pie?: Coconut Cream Pie

New Associate Photographer
  Los Angeles CA
Monique is a welcome addition to our Pie Shoppe team. Her positive vibe is contagious and you are definitely going to want to be her best friend.

Your Superhero Name: Oh gosh, that's a tough one. It would depend on my powers I think. I have always fancied myself more of a magical powers type rather than super powers type though. I want to be Harry Potter.

Fast or Slow Zombies?: I think slow is the obvious answer right? Unless I turn into a zombie, then I would want to be fast. Hmmm. This is really a catch 22 situation.

OJ pulp or no?: No pulp if its in a carton. Pulp if its fresh squeezed.

Favorite Kind of Pie?: My mom's mint chocolate "grasshopper" pie. Made once a year on Saint Patrick's day. Basically heaven.

Wedding Photographer like woah!
  Simi Valley California
Kelley is as sweet as can be. She loves road trips, hiking, snowboarding, making new friends, and of course eating (sweets especially, if you don't believe me just take a look at my baby picture.)

Your Superhero Name: Miss Nighthawk!

Fast or Slow Zombies?:Definitely slow zombies, I would not out run a fast zombie.

OJ pulp or no?:Not a fan of pulp, so I am going to have to go with no pulp.

Favorite Kind of Pie?: Wow, just thinking of all the different types of pies is making me hungry. But, my absolute favorite is apple pie.

  Ojai, CA
Tara loves going on adventures and exploring all this world’s got to offer. She enjoys long car rides and walks on the beach with her pup, Toby.

Your Superhero Name: I dream all the time about having the ability to fly so I’m going to say The Blazin’ Birdie.

Fast or Slow Zombies?: Slow zombies of course!

OJ pulp or no?:Bring on the pulp and lots of it!

Favorite Kind of Pie?: Nothing better than a mixed berry pie with a dollop of homemade whipped creme.