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Pie Shoppe Story

A long time ago…

In a shoe-box of a condo about a mile from here…


A law student and a photography student decided that they were going to start a wedding photography business. There were countless hurdles that they would have to overcome. However, there was one problem that seemed insurmountable: They were broke and they didn’t have gear that was necessary to start shooting weddings.

No… not broke. Broke would imply that they had no money. After a collective 10 years of higher education between them, they were way, way, way, in debt. They were so in debt that the very idea of taking on more loans to buy gear was about as appealing as that unidentifiable fuzzy thing that you will inevitably find in a Tupperware at the back of your refrigerator when you finally get around to cleaning it (Seriously! What is that thing? How long has it been living in there? Can it be killed or is our discovery of it the beginning of the reign of our new fuzzy overlord?).

So, they did the only logical thing that they could do.

They sent out this awesome email to all of their friends, family and acquaintances announcing that they were selling pie to buy photo gear.

And. Sell. Pie. They. Did.

Much to the chagrin of many loyal customers who wanted them to start a bakery, the photography business took off.

Fast forward 5 years and almost 200 awesome weddings and the couple is bursting at the seams with demand for their wedding photography services. One day they realized that they were turning away and referring out nearly 100 brides per year! What’s worse was that they had raised their prices so high that they knew that lots of super amazing couples weren’t even bothering to contact them and were probably settling for wedding photographers that they didn’t love.

“No dice!” the couple said with lofty dreams in their heads and fiery conviction in their hearts.

On that day, Pie Shoppe was born.

They recruited, hired and extensively trained new photographers. They brought the newly trained recruits with them to shoot dozens of real weddings for experience and then gave them lots of critique about their photos to crank the awesomeness up to 11. (Learn more about our photographers are trained and their photographer experience here)

Now, you can hire those awesome recruits to shoot your wedding! Contact them using the link above if you would like more information about them, their pricing, and to find out which photographers are available on your date or feel free to email at theboss@pie-shoppe.com .